This website exists to support all those seeking a better understanding of dyslexia and related learning difficulties such as DLD, “dyscalculia”, dysgraphia, and others. It was born out of a need to support parents of students with academic difficulties, as well as other educators and professionals whose task it is to identify and teach these students. There is a wealth of knowledge and research in the area of how we learn ( some of which is now being coined “The Science of Reading” or ” The Science of Math”), however much of this has still yet to enter mainstream pedagogy or state and district level policy for various reasons leaving many stakeholders at a loss to help many of these children.

Whether you are a concerned parent seeking academic evaluation, a tutor trying to find guidance on how to best help a specific student, a home school parent wanting curriculum suggestions, or even a class teacher who is not clear on how to approach their instruction – please come in and have a look around.

"What drives me? It is the difference between WHAT IS and WHAT COULD BE for kid's lives, how reading difficulties affects people for LIFE."

Louisa Moats, Ed. D.
-Author and Literacy Expert